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Beneath the Bun

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Upping the ante of the late night grub scene in Manila is Lazy Bastard. Located in Jupiter, Makati, Lazy Bastard specializes in premium burgers, fries and hot dogs with a ridiculous twist. Satisfy your greasy cravings with our deep-fried, bacon-wrapped creations made using only the best and freshest ingredients money can buy. We aim to serve high quality, great tasting, Instagram-worthy food! #nofilter needed!

Lazy Bastard is open every freakin’ day, from 11 in the morning till 3 AM. Grab a breakfast sandwich before going to work. Tag your friends along for an epic lunch date. Stop by for some tater tots to munch on while commuting. Head our way if you feel like downing on some oily goodness at 2 in the morning. Point is, we’re here for you and we won’t judge you for ordering extra, extra bacon. Every day is a cheat day at Lazy Bastard.